SAWRO Governance

A Community Based and Community Led Organization

A unique feature of SAWRO is that it is a community based organization led from top to bottom by women from the affected community. A stable Board of Directors made up entirely of women from the community takes legal responsibility for the corporate governance of SAWRO. The Executive Director and all but one of the corporate officers are also women from the community. All paid employees are recruited from among the many talented women living in the community. Officers submit reports and submit initiatives for approval monthly to both the Board of Directors and to Membership Meetings. This community led approach to governance ensures that SAWRO’s strategy and activities closely reflect the needs and concerns of the people living in its catchment area.

SAWRO was incorporated as a not for profit corporation in Ontario in January 2008. The Board and Membership has directed the Officers to begin making preparations for and governance adjustments for applying to the Canadian Revenue Agency for registration as a charitable organization with the purposes of alleviating poverty and promoting gender equality.



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