Board and Staff

Sultana Jahangir – President & Executive Director

Jim Nugent Secretary & Treasurer

Jinnat Basher – Chairperson & Director 


Jinnat Basher

Jinnat Basher has been involved with SAWRO since 2009 and was elected as a board member.  In 2010, Jinnat was elected as the board’s chairperson and has served the organization as an elected chair since then. Back home, she completed her Bachelors in Education from Bangladesh and has several years of experience as a teacher. She continues to work with children in the education field in Canada as a registered Early-Childhood Educator. SAWRO is truly appreciates her success and contributions to the community.

Syeda YesmineMembership Secretary & Director

Yesmine Syeda

Syeda Yesmine has been involved with SAWRO since 2007 and has worked as a peer worker. She has supported the community’s women to gain employability and authority of their lives. She was elected as a membership secretary and director since 2011 and still serves the organization today. SAWRO has benefited from her long-term, loyal support and is very grateful to have her as part of the organization. In her personal life, Syeda has worked as a crew member in McDonald’s fast-food restaurant and a production worker in Celestica. She has completed Bachelors of Arts from Bangladesh and has several years of experience as a teacher.

Tilat Syeda Director

Tilat Syeda

Syeda Tilat Ferdous has been involved with South Asian Women Rights Organization (SAWRO) as a Community Trustee Board of Director for the past 3 years. Her responsibilities included attending monthly meetings and making important decisions to leverage community growth which meeting people’s demands through the discussion with other board members and representing community opinion regarding the activities of SAWRO. She has done her child care course in Canada. Her qualification includes 25 years of experience in Special Branch (SB), Home Ministry of Bangladesh as an administrative officer. I have completed Masters of Arts from Dhaka University. With her strong leadership skills, hard-working determination and motivation, it has been a pleasure to have Syeda as part of the SAWRO staff and her teamwork abilities are very appreciated.

Tasbeen Alam Director

Tasbeen Alam


Tahrima Alam is currently working as a VoIP Application Specialist in Telus Mobility. In the past, she used to work for CIBC and Bell Mobility. She also is currently serving as a Community Trustee Board of Director in South Asian Women Right Organization over the last 3 years. Her role involves decision-making that will meet our community needs through debate and discussions on issues with the public and representing community opinion regarding the activities of SAWRO at monthly board meetings. She is also responsible for making important decisions to leverage community growth which meeting people’s demands. This challenging leadership opportunity has helped her develop a strong sense of responsibility, effective interpersonal skills and the ability to contribute to teamwork. She has completed her Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ryerson University. Above all, her  immeasurable enjoyment and passion is appreciated throughout SAWRO’s members and we look forward to continue working with her.

Hasna BanuDirector


Hasna Banu has been a member of SAWRO since 2007, and later part of our board in 2010 till this date. She completed her Masters in Economics and has over 25 years of experience in a governmental organization in Bangladesh. In Canada, she is a registered childcare educator working at a private day care centre. She is also self-employed, providing great customer service. Hasna Banu contributed a great deal to our organization as an advisor and providing her full support to reach our goals.

Zannatul FerdouseNominating Comittee Chair


Zannatul Ferdouse has been involved with SAWRO since 2010 as a member. As a member, she took several steps to support SAWRO’s leadership role within the community. She was later elected as the Nominating Committee Chair in 2011, and successfully ran the 2012 and 2013 Annual General Meetings. Zannat works as a production worker at Celestica and supported other women in getting opportunities there. SAWRO appreciated her contributions and leadership roles in SAWRO.




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