Annual Election of Officers and Board Members

Dear SAWRO Member:

The South Asian Women’s Rights Organization (SAWRO) will be holding elections for officers and board members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in August, 2014.  To facilitate these elections, a Nominating Committee of 9 SAWRO members was elected by the membership at the 2014 Membership Meeting. 

In 2014 Election, all the candidates from last year agreed to stay in the board upon nomination Committee’s approval.  An outline of the duties and qualifications for Officer, Board of Directors and Advisory Board positions is available at SAWRO’s website: sawro.wordpress.com


Sultana Jahangir, Executive Director


The  following officer  positions and positions  on the board of directors and on a newly created advisory board will be filled by elections during SAWRO’s Annual General Meeting.

SAWRO greatly appreciates the dedication and past service of the Directors currently serving on the Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee will give first consideration to a  request by a  current director to stand as a candidate for another term on the Board of Directors or to stand as a candidate for Advisory Board positions.

All nominees were elected for their nominated positions with over 90% of votes from SAWRO’s members. 

First the nominated and elected candidates for the Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board will be a working board made up of community women  as well as community men and other friends from other parts of the City who want to do volunteer work to assist SAWRO.  As well as taking up work assignments, the Advisory Board will discuss policies and make recommendations  about them to SAWRO.

The nominated and elected candidates  for the Advisory Board were:

  1. Mohammad Alam
  2. Fakir Bellal Hossain
  3. Syeda Saira Begum
  4. Anita Bhowmik
  5. Shipra Das
  6. Zakiul Haque
  7. Tahrima Alam

Next are the nominated and elected candidates  for the Board of Directors.

The women elected as directors assume the very important legal responsibility for monitoring SAWRO‘s activity:

  • to ensure that the laws are followed
  • to ensure that  SAWRO meets it contract obligations to funders and others
  • to ensure that everyone in SAWRO follows the bylaws and policies

Nominated and elected candidates include:

  1. Jinnat Bashar-Board member
  2. Syeda Tilat-Board member
  3. Jannatul Ferdouse-Board member
  4. Hasna Banu-Board member position

Finally, the nominated and elected candidates for officer positions.

The officers are the people responsible for the day to day operation of SAWRO.  Their job is to ensure:

  • All the decisions of the membership and the board are implemented
  • All of the work agreed to with funders is carried out in a way acceptable to the members

The positions are:

Membership Secretary—nominated and elected candidate Yesmine Syeda (Shapla)      

—responsible for organizing the membership and linking it to the board and to the executive

–also sits as a director on the Board of Directors

Secretary/Treasurer— nominated and elected candidate Jim Nugent                    

—responsible for managing and reporting on the finances of SAWRO and  for the record keeping of SAWRO in compliance with government regulations and with SAWRO’s bylaws

Executive Director/President – nominated and elected candidate Sultana  Jahangir        

–responsible for the overall management of the activities, personnel and volunteers of SAWRO