Alleviating Poverty

Employability Training

Labour Market Orientation and Preparation Course

This is a mandatory 4 module course for all job connection participants. An additional module is provided for women with specific domestic barriers:

  • Labour market orientation and information
  • Health and safety training and certification (WHIMS)
  • Domestic barriers to employability
  • Meeting Canadian employer expectations
  • DWjobnet job services information

Enhanced Workplace Skills Course

This course is targeted at women who are in the labour force (working or actively seeking work), who have level 3-4 ESL and who want to enhance their labour market participation through skills training. Courses are held on weekends to accommodate working women. The course has 4 modules:

  • Enhanced workplace soft skills
  • Customer service for retail and hospitality
  • Cash register training
  • Food Handler Certification training and testing

Employability Training Engagement Workshops

This program is a monthly workshop series targeting homebound and isolated immigrant women who have been encountered through home visits and community outreach. The aim of the program is to engage the women in exploring possibilities for employment outside their homes and barriers they may have in achieving their possibilities. The expected outcome is that most workshop participants will present themselves for intake into the employability training.

Workplace  English Communication Skills

This program provides basic interview preparation and job search communication skills training to women for  building their confidence to making their first interactions with potential employers successful. Basic workplace communication skills are also developed among women with low ESL skills. Women are also provided with information and encouragement for registering with regular ESL service providers.

Computer Literacy for Job Search and Workplace

Training is provided so participants can undertake supported online job search, online application and online testing for low-skill job searches and applications. Instruction is provided on using email and performing basic  word processor operations. Instruction in more advanced applications is also provided in a separate course for more advanced students who are preparing for career development. Computer lab support is also available.

Job Connection Support

DWjobnet staff and peer workers provide community women job seekers with whatever supports they require to find a job and remain attached to the workforce. This usually means finding employment in low-skill jobs since this is the only sector most participants can immediately qualify for

The project has established good employer connections and is usually able to connect a women with a job through a direct employer request for referrals. Most women require at least four job start referrals from project workers over a period of several months before they become established in the labour market. Besides direct job referrals, other intensive job connection supports are provided, usually multiple times for each participant. These supports include:

  • Life and career counselling
  • Job search coaching; peer mentoring
  • Interview preparation; mock interviews
  • Arranging car pooling for remote workplaces
  • Resume building and updating
  • Online job search, application and testing support
  • Arranging group recruiting events with employers
  • Assisting to access child care providers

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